Current Downloads

The latest downloads files are "Officially" posted on Dan Gray's Sidereal Technology Website Downloads page at:
The latest full install package on that website will install Version 0.90A.
PLEASE download and read the "Release Notes" that are on that webpage.  There is a lot new that is NOT captured in the current manuals (but will be).  There is very important information on HOW to install the new software so it will be compatible with all the latest Windows Operating systems......
AFTER you install and have running version 0.90A, Dan has built an interim update (version 0.09J).   It fixes a lot of issues and refines some capabilities.   This interim update is NOT an installer package.  You will need to download it from the attachments area below.  Then unzip it and copy it to the area described for "Program Files" in the Release Notes.

If you have any difficulty accessing this file, report it on the SiTech Yahoo forum - Don W